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The CDC offers a variety of groups for children, youth and parents depending upon the family needs. Listed below are just a few of the groups we offer. To register, please contact Danya Amery at 250.392.4481. ext. 208.

Mothering the Mother
A workshop for moms of young children. Using art and 'somatic' practices to explore how we are supporting ourselves in becoming the mother we need in the moment. Catherine Kimber - clinical therapist and Karen Irvine - Infant Development Specialist, will be leading the workshop. COVID precautions will be in place. 

Body Based Healing : Building Growth through Connection 
The CDC is offering a 10 weeks group to support parents in understanding how trauma shows up in the body and can be a block to connect with themselves and their families. 
Clients will develop skills on reflecting and sharing how they experience themselves in the present. Tools and skills to adopt how the body reacts in times of stress will be discovered and experimented with, with the client adapting each tool to her own needs. Topics include: Self Regulation, Grounding resources, Boundaries with others/self, Attachment and Reaching Out. 
For more information please call: Catherine 250-305-7410 or Karen 250-392-4481 ext.207. 


Dungeons and Dragons

Weekly group offering teens on the Autism spectrum the opportunity to learn to interact cooperatively in a variety of social settings. Teens will learn social skills in a fun and safe way through activity based programs using Dungeons and Dragons. 

Food Skills for Families
It is a six session healthy cooking program that teaches healthy eating and cooking. The program will strengthen your cooking confidence and skills while giving you the food knowledge necessary to make sound meal, snack and beverage choices.
*Currently not being offered due to pandemic restrictions. 

Worry Dragons (9-12 years)
This is a psycho-educational group for children to learn how to cope with worries and anxiety. The group focus is on understanding and identifying anxiety and how it affects the body, thoughts, and behavior. The children learn and practice coping strategies and tools to conquer their fears, worries, and physical symptoms related to anxiety.

Mighty Moe (5-8 years)
A younger version of Taming Worry Dragons

Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s “Making Sense of Anxiety”
This four-session program puts the puzzle together to expose separation alarm, revealing the relationship of anxiety to common childhood issues including dominance, aggression and attention problems.

Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s “Power to Parent, The Vital Connection” (8 sessions) Call for more info

Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s “Helping Children Grow Up” (8 sessions) Call for more info

Children in Between (4-15 years)
It is a skills-based program that allow children to process their response regarding separation and divorce. It is built around a 30 minute video for children. The program help them learn the skills necessary to makes divorce more manageable. 

My Tween and Me (7-12 years)
This program is intended to strengthen the confidence and ability of parents to positively influence the lives of their school-aged children. The goal is to support parents and children in the transition to adolescence.

ADHD Coaching (6-18 years)
ADHD coaches help children and their parents to understand their unique strengths and show them how to use those strengths to reach their goals.

Horsin’ Around: This group is designed for children who experience a number of barriers that prevents them from taking part in regular lessons. The program runs through the month of JULY at the Trail Riders Arena located in the Stampede Grounds. Referral is by parent or agency and a doctor’s letter may be required. The group is set up from the ages of Kindergarten to Grade 7, but welcomes all ages to participate.


Swim Program: Youth volunteers from local high schools are paired with each special needs swimmer in order to provide a safe and successful swimming experience. Under the direction of a Supported Child Youth Care worker, therapist and a lifeguard, the volunteers help the child to develop specific swimming and water safety skills. The program runs from 3:45 to 4:45 pm for 8 weeks twice a year starting in October.

Parent Support Groups:


Parenting is Tough… We Have a Class for That: Call for more info

Please contact Danya Amery at 250.392.4481 ext. 208 to put your name on the list for next group.

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