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Youth Supports

Youth have a lot of pressures in today's world, and many experience a variety of life challenges. Through a combination of key worker and group supports, we help youth discover and develop the skills and resources that they need for greater wellbeing. 

New Moon

The Foundry is coming for youth aged 12-25! Find out more here :)

Specialized Youth Supports

  • Intensive Support & Supervision

    The Youth Justice Program seeks to respectfully join with youth involved in the criminal justice system to develop strategies that will enhance their lives and assist them in making positive life choices.

  • FASD Key Worker & Parent Support Program

    Maintains and enhances the stability of families with children and youth with FASD and other complex developmental disorders in order to improve the children’s long term outcomes by increasing the knowledge of parents and professionals about developmental-behavioural conditions such as FASD. Services are available for children aged 0 -18.

  • LGBTQ2S+

    Research shows that those who identify as a sexual or gender minority often have unmet health needs and have a reduced likelihood of accessing routine, emergency and preventive healthcare services. We offer a safe and supportive environment where help is available as youth explore their gender and sexual orientation. Transition, group and advocacy supports are here for youth looking for help. Please contact us for more information at 250-392-4481.

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